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Pettoo ID Service

How much does Pettoo ID service cost?
Registering with Pettoo and creating your pet's online profile is absolutely free. Prices for Pettoo ID tags vary according to size, type and quantity. Visit our store to learn more.
Is Pettoo ID service available in countries other than United States, and Canada?
Yes. Pettoo ID Service is available anywhere the Internet is available. We also ship our tags internationally.
Is Pettoo ID service available in other languages?
Not yet. We are planning to offer our service in French, German and Spanish in the coming months.
Where do you store my data?
We have multiple servers for different regions. For optimum speed, we keep your data on the server geographically closest to your location (e.g. we store our North American customers' data in the US and Canada).
Do you store my credit card number?
No. We never store credit card information. We discard the card information after the transaction is completed. For payment processing we use PayPal, the most secure online payment system exists today.
How secure is my data?
We understand that privacy and security are important to you. We use the latest encryption technology when we store your data, and SSL when we transfer sensitive information from your browser to our servers. Our standards are high; your data is secure with us.
Sounds good. How do I start using Pettoo ID service?
You can start using Pettoo in three simple steps. First register and create your free account, then setup your pet's profile and finally order your ID tags. That's it. Register now.
My pet is lost, and she is not registered with Pettoo. Can Pettoo still help?
Yes. You can use Pettoo as a tool to create a lost poster for your pet and share it online.

Pet Registration & My Account

How do I create my Pettoo member account?
When you register your pet with Pettoo, your member account will be created automatically. Your email address will be your username to login to our system. After you are logged in, you can go to your account page to manage your your pet(s) profile(s).
How many pets can I add to my account?
Family accounts can include three pets. Businesses, shelters, and non-profit organizations can add an unlimited number of pets to their Pettoo account.
You ask my email address. Are you going to send me spam?
No. Pettoo is a community tool that connects owners locally and globally. We use your email to contact you only when you allow us. You can change your communication preferences on your account page at any time.
How do I create my pet profile?
Sign in, then go to your account page and select the Pet Profiles tab. You can add more pets or manage your existing pet profiles in this section. If you would like to try Pettoo before creating your account, watch this video.
Do I need to have a smartphone to use Pettoo services?
No. As an owner you don't need a smartphone to access and manage your Pettoo account. Pettoo will work on any computer connected to the Internet.
What about the privacy of my information? what are the privacy options?
‘Privacy options' is a unique Pettoo feature that allows you to choose the amount of information about you and your pet that is visible to others. You have full control over who sees what and when.
How many times can I update my pet profile?
Unlike other registration systems, there is no limit on the number of updates you can make, and it is absolutely free of charge. We recommend keeping your pet's information always up to date.

Pettoo ID Tags

Why should I prefer Pettoo ID tags over traditional ID tags?
While traditional ID tags can display only very limited information, one unique number on a Pettoo ID tag links to all the information stored in your pet's online profile. You are able to change your information anytime you like, keeping it up to date at all times. This allows you to reduce the number of tags attached to your pet.
Is the Pettoo ID tag a replacement for a microchip?
No. Many of our members use both solutions in tandem. If you are looking for a non-surgical identification option, we believe that Pettoo ID is the best product available today.
What is QR Code, and why you use it?
QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode used to store data. We use it to store a link to your pet's online profile. Today's smartphones can use free software that allows them to scan QR Codes. If your pet gets lost or needs emergency care, the rescuer can easily access your pet's vital information and your contact details without needing a special reader like the one required to read microchips.
What happens if the finder doesn't have a smartphone?
Each tag comes with a human readable web address and ID number engraved on them. If the finder doesn't have a smartphone, she can enter this ID number on any Internet connected device and contact you quickly.
Does Pettoo ID tag store any information on it? What happens if it is stolen?
The only information stored on the tag is a unique number that links to your pet's online profile. If it gets stolen, you can instantly disable the tag at your account page by detaching the tag from your account.
What are Printable Web Link tags and how can I use them?
With this option we provide you with all the features of Pettoo without the physical tag. When you order printable web link tags, we issue a unique Pettoo ID number and QR Code image for your account and send them via email. You can use the image to create your own tags, pet clothing, or other pet accessories. One of our favorite ways to use printable web link tags is to stick them on travel cases.
Can I get my Pettoo ID tag from my local pet supplier?
Currently our tags are available for purchase in pet stores in the US and Canada only. Ask your local store about Pettoo ID tags.
What about your Return Policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, you can return them in 30 days. Just contact us via email and let us know if you want a refund or a replacement product. Return shipping cost must be covered by you.


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