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What is Pettoo?

Pettoo is the most advanced free pet registry that helps people reunite with their pets. Pettoo gives you total control over your pet’s vital information, including medical details, allergies, vaccinations, dietary needs, and more.

pet registry

Pettoo is a registry service for pets. A Pettoo account is secure, and keeps all your pet's vital information online.

It is 100% free and very easy to setup, giving you the option to control who sees what, and when. Suitable for all kinds of pets.

online pet profile

Create and customize your pet's profile for free. Share it with others in case of an emergency, travel or simply for fun.

Customize a “Lost Poster” and print it out or distribute online. Share your pet’s profile on your social networks. Register with Pettoo and take advantage of these features absolutely for FREE.

gps-aware ID tag

Pettoo ID tag is the physical link to your pet’s online profile. Each tag comes with a unique ID number and QR code.

If your pet ever gets lost, the finder can access your pet's online profile instantly, using a smartphone or other Internet enabled device. When the ID tag is scanned, Pettoo notifies you about the finder's GPS location, if available*.

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* Pettoo ID tag is not a gps device.

How It Works?

Start by registering your pet at!
It is very easy and secure. You have total control over your information, 24/7. Update it whenever you like.

Next, create your pet's free online profile.
Enter your pet's vital information and upload a recent picture. You can add medical details like vaccinations, allergies, dietary needs, veterinarian info, other registrations and more... Watch how quick and easy this is!

If your pet goes missing
you can create a lost poster in minutes with the last seen location and time details. Pettoo sends neighbourhood and shelter alerts to help you reunite safely.

When someone spots your pet
she scans the tag with her smartphone or enters the unique ID number on the tag at to access your pet's vital info and ways to contact you. You can add or change to an alternate contact at anytime.

Like to see what finder sees?
Enter A015CP at

As soon as your pet's Pettoo ID tag is scanned and her profile is viewed, Pettoo records this and immediately sends you an email notification with the GPS location of your pet, when available. See how Profile View History & Locations are displayed.


Where to start?

Protect your pet now

  • Register your pet and create your free Pettoo account
  • Order your Pettoo ID tags online from our store, or purchase from your local pet shop
  • Customize your pet's profile and attach your tag

Lost your Pet? We can help

  • Register your pet and create your free Pettoo account
  • Customize your pet's profile and set her status to lost.
  • A 'Lost Pet Poster' will be automatically generated for you to print or distribute online.

that's it, so simple!

Your pet is registered with our system and your pet’s profile is active. Enjoy the peace of mind and security provided by Pettoo. As we like to say; "your pet is Pettooed!"